FLUKE QA-ES III Electrosurgical Analyzer

FLUKE  QA-ES III Electrosurgical Analyzer
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Price: $12,995.00
Product ID : FLUKE QA-ES III Electrosurgical Analyzer
Manufacturer: FLUKE
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FLUKE QA-ES III Electrosurgical Analyzer Technical Specifications Physical Housing:Metal case Size (HxWxL):14.5 cm x 35 cm x 47 cm (5.75 in x 13.75 in x 18.5 in) Weight:7.5 kg (16.5 lbs) Power Power Requirements:100 V ac, 115 V ac, 230 V ac, 50 Hz / 60 Hz, universal input 100 V/115 V: 20 VA 230 V: 30 VA User interface LCD:Monochrome 240 pixels x 64 pixels, 8 lines x 40 characters, white LED backlight Keys :6 (1 fixed, 5 soft-defined) and rotary selector knob Environmental specifications Operating temperature:10 °C to 40 °C (50 °F to 104 °F) Storage temperature:-20 °C to 60 °C (-4 °F to 140 °F) Humidity:10 % to 90 % non-condensing Altitude:2000 m maximum IP rating:IEC60529:IP20 Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) IEC 61326-1: Basic Emissions Classification:IEC CISPR11: Group 1, Class A. Group 1 have intentionally generated and/or use conductively coupled radio-frequency energy which is necessary for the internal functioning of the equipment itself. Class A equipment is suitable for use in nondo¬mestic locations and/or directly connected to a low-voltage power supply network USA (FCC): Intentional Radiators This device complies with part 15 of the FCC Rules. Operation is subject to the follow¬ing two conditions: (1) This device may not cause harmful interference, and (2) this device must accept any interference received, including interference that may cause undesired operation. (15.19) Changes or modifications not expressly approved by Fluke could void the user’s authority to operate the equipment. (15.21) Safety IEC 61010-1:Overvoltage category II, pollution degree 2 IEC 61010-2-030:Measurement 5,000 V Wireless module listing FCC (United States) compliant (Class A):FCC ID: X3ZBTMOD3 IC (Industry Canada) compliant:IC: 8828A-MOD3 CE (European) certified:CE0051 Measurements and tests specifications Measures:Cut and coag waveforms, monopolar and bipolar outputs Power and current measurements:True RMS Bandwidth:30 Hz to 5 MHz at -3 dB including loads Delay time for single measurements:0.2 seconds to 4.0 seconds from Foot Switch activation to start of measurement Duty cycle Variable load:10 seconds on, 30 seconds off, at 100 W, all loads Fixed 200 Ω load:10 seconds on, 30 seconds off, at 400 W Generator output measurements Load resistance Variable:0 Ω, 10 Ω, 20 Ω, 25 Ω to 2500 Ω (by 25 Ω), 2500 Ω to 5200 Ω (by 100 Ω) Accuracy:±2.5 % Power (0.0 W to 99.9 W ±5 % + 1W), 100 W to 500 W ±5 % Maximum: At 25% duty cycle (10 seconds on, 30 seconds off):10 Ω: 300 W, 20 Ω to 2900 Ω: 400 W, 3000 Ω to 5200 Ω: 200 W At 10% duty cycle (5 seconds on, 45 seconds off):10 Ω: 300 W, 20 Ω to 2400 Ω: 500 W, 2425 Ω to 2900 Ω: 400 W, 3000 Ω to 5200 Ω: 200 W Current RMS:0 mA to 5,500 mA Accuracy:±(2.5 % of reading + 1 mA) Voltage Peak:10 kV Peak to Peak Accuracy:±(10 % of reading + 50 V) Crest factor:1.4 to 16.0 Defined as the ratio of Peak voltage to RMS voltage (Vpk /Vrms), using the larger of the 2 peaks (positive or negative) Vessel sealing measurement Loop current, RMS:0 mA to 5500 mA Accuracy:±(2.5 % of reading + 1mA) HF leakage current Fixed load:200 Ω V Accuracy:±2.5 % Power rating:400 W Additional fixed load:200 Ω Current, RMS:0 mA to 5500 mA Accuracy:±(2.5 % of reading + 1 mA) CQM test (Contact Quality Monitor): Resistances:0 Ω to 475 Ω (by 1 Ω) Accuracy:0 Ω to 10 Ω ±0.5 Ω, 11 Ω and above ±5 % Power rating:0.5 W Auto time interval:1 to 5 seconds Oscilloscope Output 1 V per ampere of input current, typical Footswitch simulations Cut and Coag Communications USB device port:Micro B connector, full speed Wireless port:802.15, Speed: 115,200 baud Memory Test records:5,000 Non-volatile:retained through power cycling Calibration Recommended cycle:Traceable to the International System of Units (SI) through the appropriate National Metrology Institutes such as NIST or through intrinsic standards.

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