Emerson AMS TREX Communicator

Emerson AMS TREX Communicator
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Price: $5,995.00
Product ID : Emerson AMS TREX Communicator
Manufacturer: EMERSON
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Emerson AMS TREX Communicator Problems with Foundation Fieldbus and HART devices can be diagnosed in the field while the devices are still installed. Simple issues can be addressed on the spot, avoiding unnecessary, and potentially destructive, invasive physical investigation of the problem. Emerson TREX Highlights Commission and validate devices faster Quickly fix issues in the field with advanced device diagnostics Configure and test valves inline Improve efficiency with a modern, intuitive user interface Intrinsically safe; usable anywhere you need to go Each TREX Includes AC Adapter USB Cable Lead Set with connectors Hand Strap Quick Start Guide and Resource DVD ValveLink Mobile application available at no charge once Trex unit is activated Emerson AMS Trex Device Communicator Features A Rugged and Reliable Device Communicator For a communicator to be useful in the field, it must be built to last and ready for anything. The Trex communicator is designed to withstand the harsh conditions in and around manufacturing facilities. The rugged device is easy to hold, yet designed to take the bumps and drops that come from normal use in the plant. In addition, the Trex communicator is protected against moisture and extreme temperatures, allowing you to work regardless of environmental conditions. The sturdy exterior is designed in accordance with Intrinsic Safety standards to limit the buildup of static electrical energy. Unlike consumer-grade mobile devices, the Trex communicator will withstand the abuse of a harsh field environment. Designed based on user feedback and with field use in mind, the carrying case features an access window that allows you to use the communicator and contains pockets large enough to carry the charger, extra lead sets, or other tools you may need in the field. Touchscreen Display for the Field The Trex communicator features a 5.7” resistive touchscreen display for easy use with bulky work gloves. The adjustable backlit screen can be easily changed to save power or adapt to dark environments or bright sunlight, ensuring a crisp display that can always be read - no matter the external conditions. Software and Application Upgrades The Trex communicator includes Upgrade Studio, a PC application to help keep the Trex unit up-to-date with new software and apps. Upgrade Studio can even connect to multiple devices at once, allowing you to simultaneously upgrade and perform installs on your entire fleets of AMS Trex Device Communicators. With Upgrade Studio, add critical diagnostic tools to your toolkit and push them out to any number of Trex communicators. With multiple apps available and many more in development, Upgrade Studio will make the Trex communicator your go-anywhere, do-anything device: Field Communicator – The Field Communicator app delivers a wide range of options for configuring and troubleshooting HART and Foundation Fieldbus devices. Loop Diagnostics – With the Loop Diagnostic app, you can power the loop in the field and also perform loop troubleshooting and checkouts. The app helps with loop characteristic validation and lets you isolate and troubleshoot wiring issues. Fieldbus Diagnostics – The Fieldbus Diagnostics app gives you the necessary toolset for troubleshooting and validating Foundation Fieldbus segments. Valvelink Mobile – With Valvelink Mobile, you can analyze and review valve assembly condition and performance without affecting the process. Configuration and troubleshooting of digital valve controllers has never been more efficient. Trex Help – The Trex Help app offers a searchable help guide, putting key information on operation and troubleshooting at your fingertips. Engineered with You in Mind Designed for comfortable, one-handed, all-day operation in the field, the Trex communicator is packaged in an evenly-balanced form factor with a rugged hand strap so you can easily hold it, even when working in tight spaces. It comes standard with 32 GB of application memory, providing plenty of space to customize it with the apps of your choice. With built-in Bluetooth, USB, and WiFi connectivity, you can move data to and from the communicator using the connectivity option that is most convenient. With numerous communication options, your communicator has never been more connected. The communicator’s robust lithium-ion power module will keep it running for hours, well over a full shift, even when it is being used to power other devices in the field. Intrinsic Safety to Follow You Anywhere The Trex communicator is built to go wherever you may need to be. Unlike consumer mobile devices that cannot be taken into hazardous areas without shutting down the process or pulling a hot work permit, the Trex unit meets global Intrinsic Safety requirements: ATEX CSA (US/Canada) IECEx FISCO Gain freedom and flexibility with a communicator that can go anywhere you need to, when you need to, without worrying if the device will put you at risk. Power the Loop The Trex communicator includes built-in functionality to power a device. Simply connect the communicator to an instrument to power it. Technicians no longer waste time rounding up a power supply or confirming adequate loop resistance before testing, speeding configuration on the bench. Power the loop functionality allows device configuration in the field on new projects—even before power and I/O infrastructure are in place. Transmitter configuration no longer needs to be the last step of new projects. Configure transmitters before the host system, wiring, piping, and other project elements arrive, keeping transmitter configuration from being a critical path item, allowing more flexibility in new project scheduling and leading to faster startups. Powering devices from the communicator allows you to isolate the device from the rest of the system, helping you identify installation problems like power supply, wiring, I/O card, and configuration issues. Powerful Valve Diagnostics Valve problems are particularly costly to diagnose and repair. Field technicians are often required to pull a valve to investigate a problem, and removing valves for inspection usually means shutting down the process. Further complicating troubleshooting, technicians often need to disassemble the valve to determine the root cause of the problem. This frequently leads to further damage to the valve, ending in a more time consuming and expensive repair. Using the ValveLink Mobile app on the Trex unit, you can perform valve diagnostics in the field, including valve signature, dynamic error band, PD one button sweep, and step response, without having to pull the valve or perform invasive troubleshooting steps. ValveLink Mobile works with HART and Foundation Fieldbus Fisher® FIELDVUE™ digital valve controllers and provides an intuitive user interface that is easy to understand and use. The large touchscreen on the Trex communicator makes it easier than ever to see all valve diagnostic details. Diagnose Communication Problems The Trex communicator can configure and troubleshoot Foundation Fieldbus devices and segments in your plant. Use the communicator to create a quality segment by diagnosing the network DC voltage and average noise. Detect power supply problems using the communicator’s power the loop functionality or by monitoring low frequency noise on a segment. You can also verify whether the DC voltage is correct in HART loops. Request a Quote See All Products What is the default level of support for Trex units? A support option must be included with every unit sale. Standard Support is the default option, which provides a limited warranty to cover the Trex unit against defects in materials and workmanship under normal use and care. Support also includes access to the Global Service Center (GSC) phone support, firmware updates and automated Device Driver (DD) updates. Does the customer have the option to sign up for multi-year Standard Support? Customers have the option to buy three-year standard support, which will provide customers access to GSC phone support, firmware updates and automated DD updates. Note that addition standard support does not extend hardware warranty. How can the Trex unit be protected against accidental damage? Customers may purchase either one-year or three-year Premium Support that will include accidental damage support. What is the coverage of the accidental damage? The following items are covered: Liquid spilled on or in unit Drops, falls, and other collisions Damage caused by electrical surge Damaged or broken LCD due to a drop or fall Blown fuse in ammeter The following items are NOT covered: Intentional damage (such as hammer marks) Normal wear Cosmetic damage Theft

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