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SurgiSuite Multi-functional Surgical Platform

SurgiSuite Multi-functional Surgical Platform
Price: $499.00
Product ID : SurgiSuite Multi-functional Surgical Platform



KENT SCIENTIFIC SurgiSuite Multi-functional Surgical Platform SurgiSuite Products › Surgical Platform › SurgiSuite › SurgiSuite Multi-functional Surgical Platform SurgiSuite Multi-functional Surgical Platform SurgiSuite Multi-functional Surgical Platform for Mice and Rats, Lab SurgiSuite Multi-functional Surgical Platform Animal warming Bright LED lighting Temperature monitoring Homeothermic control Magnetic stabilization Multi-positional retractors The SurgiSuite Multi-functional Surgical Platform is made out of an easy-to-clean, chemical resistant base which includes a recessed channel for collecting fluids discarded during surgical operations. The surgical area is surround by a ferro-magnetic stainless steel plate, incorporating a window to allow for warming of the animal during a surgical procedure. All platforms include integrated warming by using a rechargeable, battery-operated warming pad located in the center of the platform. The warming pad sits below the surface to allow for a level surgical field. Warming is easily controlled by selecting up to 5 settings. The battery operation provides added mobility to the surgical platform. If you would like to monitor and regulate the animal temperature, the PhysioSuite with RightTemp temperature monitoring and homeothermic control is available and easily connects to the warming pad included with the platform. The warming pad is recessed in the center of the surgical platform. The surgical field and warming pad are protected by a plastic cover. 4 replacement covers are included with each platform. The procedure bowl included with each platform can be used for quick access to gauze, cotton-tip applicators or hold fluids. Each corner can accommodate multiple bowls. Also included with each platform are multi-positional stabilizers that can be used to stabilize the animal or anesthesia tubing such as nose cone or tracheal tube inspiratory and expiratory lines. An optional LED Lighting and Magnification Kit, includes 2 flexible LED lights, clip on magnifier and a USB power strip. Lighting plugs directly into the USB power strip, no cords to deal with. You can plug in up to 7 USB devices, each with its own on/off switch. This kit also includes a clip-on magnifier that offers 2.25x visibility and includes a 4x inset. Both the USB strip and the magnifier can be placed on any side of the surgical board, customized to your surgical set-up. Optional retractor wires and tips provide maximum control with minimum clutter. Retractor wires lock into fixators to allow both linear and rotational adjustment over the entire length of the wire. Tips can be locked onto a wire for static retraction, or affixed to an elastic wire to form a dynamic retractor. Retractor wires engage and lock into the fixator jaws at the desired elevation. One end of the wire is formed in a loop to provide grip for a gloved hand and the other end is formed into a right angle hook that can retract on its own or lock to a range of retractor tips. The wires can also be reformed to create restraints or engage other lab apparatus that need to be secured in the surgical field. The SurgiSuite Multi-functional Surgical Platform includes: (1) easy to clean, chemical resistant base (1) stainless steel surgical surface (1) integrated rechargeable warming (2) magnetic tubing stabilizers, 2-small and 2-large (4) magnetic limb positioners (used with elastic wire) (1) elastic wire positioner (1-meter) (1) detachable procedure bowl (5) replacement surgical field covers

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