Tideland ML-300 marine signal lantern.

Tideland ML-300  marine signal lantern.
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Price: $1,799.00
Product ID : Tideland ML-300 marine signal lantern.
Manufacturer: TIDELAND
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Tideland ML-300 marine signal lantern. Product Feature: Tidelandsignal Morse lamp group ML-300 ML-300 (> 10NM) lantern is suitable for the lighthouse, beacon landing, offshore platform and channel markers, such as sea wide application. Beach all flash, lampchangers, socket type DC or AC operation, provides up to 256 user selectable flash code. In various weather conditions, reliable use, coastal flash / lampchangers with solid state electronic coating under marine environment and watertight acrylic jar sealing. Corrosion protection, contact area including gold plated contacts the circuit board and the lamp, in order to ensure maximum reliability. Each flash units can operate separately, or can be synchronized with other flash unit. Automatic motor drive lampchangers lamp is burnt out after relamp. The flash unit includes an adjustable threshold failure safety sunswitch. TF-3B two is a fully automatic six spot using coastal ocean signal lantern lampchanger signal. It is also compatible with other manufacturer's internal signal lantern marine use. DuoFlash micropower multiple flash? Use shoals? II circuit. The machine is equipped with a double filament lamp holder, is suitable for the rated from 2 watts to 40 watt bulb flash TF-3AC / lampchanger is a popular choice of light bridge and dock light application, installed in the ML-140 or ML-155 MaxLumina ocean lantern. DuoFlash? EX double wire flash is the latest standard specially designed, can be used in zone 1, dangerous region of IIC T-3, using ML 155 and ML-300 MaxLumina beach? Ship signal lanterns LC-70 lampchanger with 70 Watt High Intensity Discharge (HID) in TRB -400 MaxLumina? No gear drive rotating lights when in use, the metal halide lamp range more than 24 nautical miles of the light source. LC-6 EX is a specialized tidal signal ML-300 EX in dangerous environment of marine lantern making lampchanger service. Subsequent -300 flash / lampchanger is a fully automated 120 volt AC, solid-state flash and four local lampchanger by marine lanterns. SYNCMASTER is a common marine lights flash synchronization controller, so that two or more than two lantern flashing in unison, without running the cable or radio link between the installation of additional lights. Watertight polyester tank. Gold-plated contact, on the circuit card and light contact area to ensure maximum corrosion. Lamp life expectancy increased the TF-3AC equipped with a MAXIHALO-60RB power supply control circuit, can increase the lamp life of more than 250%. The input voltage to the lamp can be set up factories in 10.3 volts and 12 volts between values. During operation, the power to control light control input voltage circuit in the preset value. Therefore, each lamp life can be extended to 8000 hours. A full life expectancy six beach signal marine lamps is much 48000 operating hoursother lens of comparable size. Tidal signal provides standard ship widely used lamps and many special lamp. 6 - 12 volt lamps are all 6 - 12 volts and tideland lamp is the single contact, signal prefocused ocean, can be used in the ML-300 lights with the standard of lampchangers lamp, RL-125 within the range of RL-355 lantern, TRB-300-355 and TRB-400 rotating beacon TRB. However, in the ML-155 and ML-140 lantern, you can use the S-8 and the small size of the envelope (T 3.5, T 2.6, T 2.4). Rotating lighthouse where the great light of provides a powerful rotating beacon. Development of acrylic lens effective technology, pioneered in Maxlumina lantern, the rotating beacon produced hitherto unknown luminous intensity, decreased power requirements for lamps and LED using low power boat. Increased use of electronic auxiliary system, eliminating the lighthouse most long range requirements. Planning, navigation today, it is important to realize that these changes, and make full use of modern low power options can be received from them through efficiency, higher reliability design for low maintenance lighthouse RLED-355 MaxLumina? Lantern our new development of the RLED-355, is the original version of LED RL-355 lantern. The RLED-355 has MasterRange, provides superior performance over the traditi onal RLED-170 incandescent lamp lantern is the most efficient in the world scope, high performance, light emitting diode (LED). That may be low power than ever before, the visible range can be achieved between 15 and 20 nm. The range of RLED-170 lantern is to provide two power options: 20W and 40W depending on requirements of applications and range. RL-200 MaxLumina? Series lanterns trumpet is used to mark the entrance channel, rivers, canals and straight across the Bay channel at. RL - 200, other position above and behind the pilot can establish channel midline, keep the vertical alignment of the lamp. RL-355 MaxLumina? Lantern is a high efficiency range, can be made by a small solar power supply lantern. Depends on the lamp, lamp is effective for short-term and long-term, day and night operations. The visibility of 5 km can be realized. Optical components of signal lanterns using ML-155 MaxLumina is popular all over the world, marks the navigable waters bridge and other structures. The number of these lamps, position, character mainly depends on the bridge and fender location, usually provided by government regulations. The bridge lights are also available with bridge deck, and two vertical installation standards. In America, the bridge lights more than a 180 degree red light, a 360 degree big green, or alternating red and green sector, in other places, it is normal practice, to commemorate the bridge safety in white character blinking traffic, in the center, red and green flashes, lateral horizontal mark, need through the IALA maritime buoyage system. Marine system

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