Olympus IX73 Inverted Microscope

Olympus IX73 Inverted Microscope
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Price: $79,500.00
Product ID : Olympus IX73 Inverted Microscope
Manufacturer: OLYMPUS
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Olympus IX73 Inverted Microscope The IX73 inverted microscope system sets new standards in advanced live cell imaging with its compact frame, outstanding optical performance and exceptional flexibility. Manual encoded or semi-motorized options enable a variety of component combinations. The IX73 is available as a one-deck system with a low, ergonomic stage or as a two-deck system with additional expansion capabilities. Both provide the ability to perform a multitude of imaging applications, from fast advanced fluorescence imaging and other demanding techniques to routine testing and documentation. Expandable to Meet Growing Research Needs Reliable, Clear and Bright High-Resolution Images Intuitive and Ergonomic Microscope Control Interchangeable Modules Provide Flexible Imaging Options Observation MethodFluorescence (Blue/Green Excitations)✓ Fluorescence (Ultraviolet Excitations)✓ Differential Interference Contrast✓ IR-Differential Interference Contrast✓ Phase Contrast✓ Relief Contrast✓ Simple Polarized Light✓ Brightfield✓ Darkfield✓ ZoomMotorizedNo IlluminatorTransmitted Koehler IlluminatorLED Lamp ✓ Halogen Lamp 100 W Fluorescence IlluminatorHg Lamp 100 W Xenon Lamp 75 W Light Guide Illumination ✓ Intermediate Magnification ChangerManual Terret✓ Revolving NosepieceMotorized6 position ManualCoded6 position StageMechanicalPlain Stage✓ IX3-SVR Mechanical Stage with Right Handle X: 114 mm, Y: 75 mm GX-SVR Mechanical Stage for GX X: 50 mm, Y: 50 mm IX2-GS Gliding Stage✓ GX-SFR Flexible Right Handle Stage✓ CondenserMotorizedUniversal CondenserNA 0.55/ W.D. 26.2mm ManualUniversal CondenserDry: NA 0.9/ W.D. 1.5 mm, Oil: NA 1.4/ W.D. 0.63 mm (1.25 X - 100 X) Long Working Distance Universal CondenserNA 0.55/ W.D. 27 mm Mid Long Working Distance CondenserNA 0.5/ W.D. 45 mm Ultra Long Working Distance CondenserNA 0.3/ W.D. 73.3 mm Observation TubesWidefield (FN 22)Binocular✓ Tilting Binocular✓ Trinocular✓ Trinocular for Infrared✓ Dimensions323 (W) x 475 (D) x 656 (H) mm (1 Deck Standard Configuration) Weight35 kg (1 Deck Standard Configuration) Operating EnvironmentIndoor UseAmbient Temperature5 - 40 ºC (41 - 104 ºF) Maximum Relative Humidity80 % for temperatures up to 31 ºC (88 ºF), decreasing linearly through 70 % at 34 ºC (93 ºF), 60 % at 37 ºC (99 ºF), to 50 % relative humidity at 40 ºC (104 ºF) Supply Voltage Fluctuations±10 %

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