Keysight Agilant 66309D Power Supply

Keysight  Agilant 66309D Power Supply
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Price: $3,500.00
Product ID : Keysight Agilant 66309D Power Supply
Manufacturer: KEYSIGHT
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Keysight Agilant 66309D Power Supply Product Features Fast transient response as low as <20 µs (66319/66321) Programmable output response compensation Stable output for either long or short load leads Programmable output resistance (66319/66321) Simulate internal battery resistance of Ni-Cad, Ni-mh, Li-Ion, Li-Polymer batteries (66319/66321) 5 A peak current sourcing for next generation data transmission formats Precision µA, mA, Amp measurement for "sleep mode," "standby mode" and "talk mode" battery current draw characterization Voltmeter measures external voltage (D models only) These high performance models offer wireless electronic device manufacturers, designers, and repairers all the capabilities to thoroughly test the power characteristics of wireless phones and portable devices. The 66319B/D and 66321B/D high performance models are recommended for new automated test system platforms and for R&D applications. The 66309B/D and the 66311B/D are available for those customers who need to replicate existing test platforms and who do not want to re-engineer existing automated test system designs. Performs Like a Battery With its battery emulation feature, the Keysight 66321B/D and 66319B/D allows you to test your phones under the same power conditions as in actual use; detecting early product failures. These power supplies simulates the effects of the internal resistance in a battery, enabling them to emulate the operation of various battery types, as well as batteries in different charged states. Plus with their ability to simulate negative resistance, users can compensate for the voltage drop due to the wiring in a fixture. Minimize Test Interruptions Offering superior transient performance, unmatched in the market place, the Keysight Mobile Communications DC Sources with Battery Emulation dramatically reduces the transient voltage drop (< 40 µs) due to the pulse loading characteristics of mobile phones and recovers very quickly to their original voltage. The Keysight 66321B/D and 66319B/D enables you to maximize test throughput by minimizing test interruption due to triggering of low voltage phone shutdown. Dynamic Measurements With capability for WCDMA, CDMA, TDMA, GSM, PCS, DECT, TETRA, PHS, NADC and other formats, the advanced measurement subsystem of these power sources allows you to rapidly perform peak and low-level current measurements with a high degree of accuracy. Simplify Test & Analysis The Keysight 14565B device characterization software is designed for easy evaluation of portable battery powered device (like 3G handsets, PDA, WLAN, and BluetoothTM enable devices) current profiles to ensure long operating life of devices. When used with the Keysight mobile communications DC sources (models 66309B/D, 66311B, 66319B/D, or 66321B/D), the 14565B Device Characterization Software measures device current draw. This software provides a graphical user interface to easily control the Keysight mobile communications DC sources and make measurements. By using the advanced capabilities built into the Agilent mobile communications DC source, you spend more time testing and analyzing and less time configuring and reconfiguring multiple pieces of test equipment, such as a current shunt, oscilloscope, current probe, DMM, and datalogger. The 66309B/D, 66311B, 66332A support waveform capture mode only, while the 66319B/D and 66321B/D supports full software capability. When coupled with the 66319B/D or the 66321B/D, the 14565B device characterization software also provides battery drain analysis capabilities. More than just measuring battery run time, battery drain analysis allows you to characterize current out of the battery and make tradeoffs in design that impact the current drain and battery life. With battery drain analysis, you can log battery current drain measurements for up to 1,000 hours and perform statistical CCDF analysis. New capability makes it easy to automate battery current drain analysis. The 14565B can be controlled from various programs and programming languages such as the Keysight Wireless Test Manager, NI LabVIEW, Keysight VEE, Microsoft® Visual Basic, Microsoft Excel and others. Save valuable resource and time by automating time consuming, repetitive tasks associated with characterizing battery current drains during real world operation (like video streaming, music downloads, text messaging). The 14565B device characterization software with test automation reduces setup and test time, reduces manual intervention, and provides battery drain measurement and analysis. 66309B/D66311B66319B/D66321B/D Main Output0 to 15 V 0 to 3 A 5 A peak (7 ms)0 to 15 V 0 to 3 A 5 A peak (7 ms)0 to 15 V 0 to 3 A 5 A peak (7 ms)0 to 15 V 0 to 3 A 5 A peak (7 ms) Aux. Output0 to 12 V 0 to 1.5 A 2.5 A peak (1 ms)N/A0 to 12 V 0 to 1.5 A 2.5 A peak (1 ms)N/A Prog. Output ResistanceN/AN/A -40 mΩ to +1Ω DVM Input "D" Models

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