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Keithley 2420 Sourcemeter The 2420 is a 60W, 3A, 60V, Sourcemeter from Keithley.

Keithley  2420  Sourcemeter The 2420 is a 60W, 3A, 60V, Sourcemeter from Keithley.
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Product ID : Keithley 2420 Sourcemeter The 2420 is a 60W, 3A, 60V, Sourceme
Manufacturer: KEITHLEY



The 2420 is a 60W, 3A, 60V, Sourcemeter from Keithley. Features: 60V, 3A, 60W Five instruments in one (IV Source, IVR Measure) Source and sink (4-quadrant) operation 0.012% basic measure accuracy with 5½-digit resolution 2-, 4-, and 6-wire remote V-source and measure sensing 1700 readings/second at 4½ digits via GPIB Pass/Fail comparator for fast sorting/binning Available high speed sense lead contact check function Programmable DIO port for automation/handler/prober control Standard SCPI GPIB, RS-232, and Keithley Trigger Link interfaces Keithley LabTracer 2.0 I-V curve tracing application software (download) One Year Factory Warranty Accessories Supplied: Model 8605 Test Leads LabVIEW Software Driver (downloadable) LabTracer Software (downloadable) The Keithley 2420 High Voltage SourceMeter is a 60W instrument designed to source and measure voltage from ±5µV (source) and ±1µV (measure) to ±60V and current from ±100pA to ±3A. Production test applications for the Model 2420 include resistors and resistor network devices that must be tested at higher current levels, thermistors, solar cells, batteries, and high current or medium power diodes, including switching and Schottky diodes. Advantages of a Tightly Integrated Instrument By linking source and measurement circuitry in a single unit, these instruments offer a variety of advantages over systems configured with separate source and measurement instruments. For example, they minimize the time required for test station development, setup, and maintenance, while lowering the overall cost of system ownership. They simplify the test process itself by eliminating many of the complex synchronization and connection issues associated with using multiple instruments. And, their compact half-rack size conserves precious “real estate” in the test rack or bench. Power of Five Instruments in One (IV Source, IVR Measure) The tightly coupled nature of a SourceMeter instrument provides many advantages over separate instruments. For example, it provides faster test times by reducing GPIB traffic and simplifies the remote programming interface. It also protects the device under test from damage due to accidental overloads, thermal runaway, etc. Both the current and voltage source are programmable with readback to help maximize device measurement integrity. If the readback reaches a programmed compliance limit, then the source is clamped at the limit, providing fault protection. I-V Characteristics All SourceMeter instruments provide four-quadrant operation. In the first and third quadrants they operate as a source, delivering power to a load. In the second and fourth quadrants they operate as a sink, dissipating power internally. Voltage, current, and resistance can be measured during source or sink operation.

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