DRUM CRUSHER DPC85-E50 - 5 TEFC Electric 230/460 3 11/5.5 110

DRUM CRUSHER DPC85-E50 - 5 TEFC Electric 230/460 3 11/5.5 110
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Price: $24,950.00
Product ID : DRUM CRUSHER DPC85-E50 - 5 TEF
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DRUM CRUSHER DPC85-E50 - 5 TEFC Electric 230/460 3 11/5.5 110 Hydraulics A rugged two-speed hydraulic pump powers the heavy-duty cylinder to provide 85,000 pounds of crushing force. The ram is automatically cycled by a unique all-hydraulic control valve. Drum Hold Down The Drum Hold Down feature prevents the drum from lifting when the compaction head is withdrawn. It also contains splashes and captures vapors that can be ducted through the top of the crusher for containment. Universal Head The squeeze head consists of one stationary and two removable plates. The stationary head and the smaller plate are for compacting inside 55 and 85-gallon drums. The larger diameter plate is for crushing all sizes of cans and drums. A piercer on this plate vents closed drums through the squeeze head. Drum Centering Pallet The Drum Centering Pallet is designed for removing fully packed drums with a forklift. The pallet is fitted with interchangeable discs that properly center each size drum. These discs also protect the bottom bead of the drum from damage during compaction. Clearance The DPC85 Model provides ample loading clearance between the compaction head and the top of the drum. (NOTE: The machine is pictured in mid-stroke. Fully retracted, the compaction head fits inside the drum hold down and they are flush with the top of the compaction chamber.) Compaction Force Control DPC85 Models are equipped with an indicator gauge displaying the ram-force during crushing or compacting. The operator can manually override the automatic cycle hydraulic valve at any desired pressure; or the cycle valve can be adjusted to automatically return the ram at any squeeze force from 8,000 up to 85,000 pounds. Safety An emergency stop button shuts off all power at a touch. A safety interlock automatically shuts off the hydraulic power when the door is not completely closed. Portability The bottom of the Drum Crusher has a built-in skid for easy fork lift portability. We offer seven different power options. Custom modifications and a full line of accessories are available to meet any special requirements. Dimensions: Outside 48"w x 42"D X 114"H, Inside 32"w x 32"d x 48"h Cylinder: 6" bore, 4" Rod, 44" Stroke, 85,000 lbs ram force Shipping Weight: 3,100 lb MODEL MOTOR HP TYPE POWER VOLTS PHASE AMPS CYCLE TIME (Sec.) DPC85-E50 5 TEFC Electric 230/460 3 11/5.5 110

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