Thermo Scientific AutoEXEC 32-Run Expandable Gas and Liquid Flow Computer

Thermo Scientific AutoEXEC 32-Run Expandable Gas and Liquid Flow Computer
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Price: $4,985.00
Product ID : Thermo Scientific AutoEXEC 32-Run Expandable Gas and Liquid Flow
Manufacturer: Thermo Scientific
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Thermo Scientific AutoEXEC 32-Run Expandable Gas and Liquid Flow Computer Thermo Scientific* AutoEXEC is the industry's first flow computer that measures natural gas and petroleum liquids simultaneously. This rugged, easy-to-use system calculates flow at an unprecedented rate of up to 10 times per second on four to 32 runs to reduce capital expenditures while increasing productivity and efficiency. The lightning fast Thermo Scientific AutoEXEC flow computer and remote telemetry unit integrates measurement and control functionality for both natural gas and petroleum liquids. This highly accurate system efficiently calculates flow on four to 32 runs at an unprecedented rate of 10 times per second. It features unsurpassed expandability, USB connectivity and security, giving users unbeatable flexibility and functionality. Powered by a 32-bit processor, the AutoEXEC natural gas and petroleum liquids flow computer operates at greater than 300 million instructions per second (MIPS), making it the fastest flow computer on the market today. This computational speed, in combination with its 32-bit floating point capabilities, give the system unequalled power. It solves complicated AGA and API equations rapidly and accurately on up to 32 runs simultaneously A preloaded default configuration USB connectivity via three ports: host, slave-device and on-the-go (OTG) Secure access controls, authentication and built-in encryption Built-in lightning protection on each board A processor that operates at the widest temperature range in the industry: -40°C (-40°F) to 85°C (185°F) AO accuracies of ±0.1% over the full temperature range Includes: CPU board, power supply and an enclosure with six available board slots Certifications: Class I Div 2 (Groups C&D), ATEX zone 2 for hazardous area locations, CE Specifications General Specifications Processor32 bit FreescaleTM Coldfire*, operates at 200MHz, processes at 300 million instructions per second (MIPS) MemoryProgram operation: 32MB Program memory: 16MB Flash Data storage: 2MB battery backed RAM plus 4 MB non-volatile serial flash Communication PortsCPU Board: 2 RS232, 2 Ethernet, 1 Slave USB Com Board: 6 RS232, 2 RS485, USB Host, USB On-the-Go (OTG) PowerInput Power: 90VAC to 250VAC, 9VDC to 30VDC Output Power: 12VDC on AI board Historical Data Storage65 days of daily, 35 days of hourly Audit Trails200 alarm events, 100 different types of alarms Alarm Log Storage200 alarm events, 23 different types of alarms Environmental Specifications Operating Temperature-40°C to +85°C (-40°F to +185°F) Operating Humidity0-95% RH, non-condensing FCC ComplianceComplies with the limits for a Class A computing device with Part 15 of the FCC rules ApprovalsClass I Div 2 (Groups &CD), ATEX zone 2 for hazardous area locations, CE, GOST (pending) Enclosure RatingNEMA 4X industrial control enclosure in aluminum or stainless-steel Physical Specifications Rack/Panel Mount DimensionsCover: 17.25W x 10.5 in.H (438.15 x 266.7mm) Card Cage: 17.0W x 10.5H x 10.62 in.D (431.8 x 266.7 x 269.7mm) Overall: 17.25W x 10.5H x 12.68 in.D (438.15 x 266.7 x 319.28mm) NEMA 4X DimensionsOverall: 17.0W x 28.0H x 16.2 in.D (431.8 x 711.2 x 411.5mm) Keypad4 x 4 (16 key) input, metal keypad button, calculator configuration Display4 x 16 character LCD Natural Gas Calculations Supercompressibility (Fpv)AGA 8 Gross-1992; AGA 8 Detail-1992; AGA 8 Short-1985; NX-19; NX-19 Analysis; GERG Differential Meters (DP, Orifice)AGA 3/ASTM 2530–1992; AGA 3–1985; GOST; V-Cone; Annubar; Slotted-DP Linear Meters (Turbine)AGA 7; AGA 9 EnergyAGA 5 DiagnosticAGA 10–SOS Additional Factors/EquationsFwv (manual); Fwv (partial); Fwv (full); Fws Turbine Meter Linearization10-Point Frq/K-Factor Table Liquid Calculations API TablesTable A (generalized crude oils); Table B (generalized products); Table C (thermal expansion properties); Old Table (NGL, LPG SG range .425 to .650); Table 23/24 E (NGL, LPG); VCF (CH 11.1 2004); Propylene (CH; Ethylene (API 2565/CH; Ethylene (NBS 1045) Volume Correction Factor (VCF)Consistent with API 2540/ASTM D1250-80/IP 200; 5/6 A/B; 23/24 A/B; 53/54 A/B; 6/24/54 C; CH 11.1 2004; Note: natural gas liquids (NGL) and liquefied petroleum gases (LPG): OLD 23/24, OLD 53/54; Table E is new standard to replace OLD 23/24 CPL (correction for the effect of pressure on liquid)Ch 11.2.1/Ch 11.2.2; Ch 11.2.1M/Ch 11.2.2M (compressibility factors for hydrocarbons), equilibrium pressure Propylene Density CalculationAPI Ch Ethylene Density CalculationAPI 2565 (Ch; Ethylene NBS 1045 Live Density InputThermo Scientific Sarasota, Solartron, UGC, 4-20 mA Cat. No.Description 1012443532-Run Gas and Liquid Flow Computer

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