Foxcom, AL5T2 AverLux Plus CATV SMATV Off air trasmitter

Foxcom, AL5T2 AverLux Plus CATV SMATV Off air trasmitter
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Price: $3,995.00
Product ID : Foxcom, AL5T2 AverLux Plus CATV SMATV Off air trasmitter
Manufacturer: FOXCOM
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Foxcom, AL5T2 AverLux Plus CATV SMATV Off air trasmitter FOXCOM AL5T2 CATV/SMATV chassis mount transmitters process AM/VSB, 8VSB, QAM or terrestrial signals inputs-nbsp;from multiple current or planned sources. Using direct modulation, signal integrity is preserved, guaranteeing excellent-nbsp;video quality required for High Definition reception. The AL5T2 Series serves a full range of high performance CATV/SMATV-nbsp;applications cost effectively. A variety of lasers, output powers, wavelengths and options are available to-nbsp;maximum flexibility and scalability. When coupled with Foxcoms FPS line of LGX style optical passive components, transmitter outputs may be split or-nbsp;multiple AL5T2 signal paths can be combined using Wave Division Multiplexing to make use of existing fiber-nbsp;infrastructure and ensure future expansion capability.-nbsp;The AL5T2 CATV/SMATV transmitter module occupies two slots on the AL-500 19 3U active shelf. Features -amp; Benefits:-nbsp; Processes AM/VSB, QAM or terrestial signals Guaranteed video quality required for HD reception Serves a full range of high performance CATV/SMATV applications WDM capability Options to support European or North American channel plans AL5T2 - 2 - 1310 - 3 -nbsp; CATV 85 - 860 MHz 1310nm +12dBmDFB transmitter -nbsp; AL5T-[21/22]xxx RF Operating Frequency Range [MHz] -nbsp; AL5T-21xxx 54 - 860 AL5T-22xxx 85 - 860 Optical Output Power [dBm] 1310 +11 / +12 Optical Output Power [dBm] 1550 +4 / +7 Number of channels 103-nbsp;or 80 Typical RF Input Power [dBmV/channel] 25 Min. RF Input Power [dBmV/channel] 15 Max RF Input Power [dBmV/channel] 35 RF Input Slope [dB] [Maximum] 2 Flatness ±1 CNR [min. dBc] 51-nbsp;(1) CSO [min. dBc] 60-nbsp;(1) CTB [min. dBc] 64-nbsp;(1) RF Input Connector F-female RF Input Return Loss [Min. dB] 12 Gain Control Automatic Optical Output Optical wavelengths [nm] 1310 / 1550 Output Optical Connector Type SC/APC Minimum Optical Output Return Loss [dB] -50 General Power Connector DB-9 male Supply Voltage [VDC] 12 +/- 0.5 Typical current drain [mA] 480 [1400 mA]-nbsp;(2) Operating Temperature [ºC] 0 - 50 -nbsp; Notes: 1. AL500 Measured @ +25 dBmV/ch. RFin, 3.5% OMI, 80 NTSC ch. plus 55 QAM ch. -6dB ref. analog ch. Popt in to RX min. -4 dBm 2. When the TEC [laser cooler] is drawing the maximum current 3. -4 dBm 1550 nm specifications are measured with a 10 TV channel loading

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